Waveform helped KuroCon with it’s second rendition in September 2020 aiming to be a more refined experience build from the first one, while adding new featured content. Like volume 1, we were happy to provide technical support to the guests in both English and Japanese.

The newest addition to Volume 2 was the Mahjong Soul tournament that took place across the weekend. Waveform built a brand new machine-vision based tool (named « Suzume ») to automate the entirety of the 3rd stream for the event which was dedicated to this tournament. Suzume handled keying on & off graphics based on whether the rounds were in play or not, as well as focusing the player who was « dealer » all without requiring any modifications to the native game client. In addition, the finals broadcast on the main stream was done as a replay melt by pulling in that automated feed to fit the 2 hour long match into the 1 hour time slot available.


Year: 2020


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